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Storytelling. Technology. Leadership Development.

Thanks for visiting this website and wanting to learn more about my company. I know that most businesses and brands must continuously do 3 things well to remain viable: tell their story effectively online, efficiently utilize technology, and develop people and leaders. My team and I are passionate about helping people achieve all 3 of these.

So why Good Word Digital?

As a 5th generation entrepreneur and a project management professional (PMP), I have the background, experience, and training to lead a team of individuals with diverse skill sets to solve unique problems and in doing so, create value. Whether its one of these 3 areas or a unique mix, we can help. Check out our team and advisers pages and of course, click around to learn more about our offerings.

How can our team and network create value for you? Let’s talk!





PS. To learn more about me and my entrepreneurial journey, visit www.RussellFugett.com.

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To learn more about me and my personal journey, please visit www.RussellFugett.com.