We Love Our Community!..But How?

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Starting later this year, we will regularly give away a FREE website. Special consideration will be given to Military Veterans, ex offenders, educators, first responders, individuals 65 and older, individuals 17 and younger, service based non-profits, and mission driven start-ups. This is how we will practice radical generosity! We will also offer significant discounts at times along the way so stay tuned. Our goal is to, at a minimum, be able to do a free website every 3 months. But as we grow, so will our ability to practice radical generosity. 

We’re excited to help those who help us and to be able to invest in the mission and dreams of others. I can’t wait to help tell the comeback story of an ex-offender or the new venture started by a military veteran, or of the teenager or senior citizen with a great idea or with something to share with the world.

Do you know anyone we should consider for our first project? Contact us or leave a comment!


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